Water naturally flows in whichever direction gravity pulls it, and for your sprinkler system, the goal is to keep that flow in one direction: Out. When water begins to flow backward within the sprinkler, potentially causing backup issues and large amounts of wasted water, this is known as “backflow.”

At Greenside Sprinkler Repair, backflow prevention is one of several services for which we lead the pack. Our backflow preventers are the industry standard, made from durable and sustainable materials. They’re designed to provide airtight protection against even minor dripping back into your system, which in turn will save you hassle and money through a lack of wasted water.

Every single sprinkler system we install comes with these backflow preventers as part of the standard package. These one-way water gates may be as simple as a single-check valve that closes anytime water reverses, or as complex as a device with several check and release valves, plus air vents and systems to allow regular functional testing. Our technicians have an expert eye for which type of backflow device is best for your system, including the ability to recognize the potential for contamination through cross connection.

Within the sprinkler industry, backflow devices attract some shady figures. Less reputable vendors will advertise products that protect from dangers that don’t even exist, and will attempt to use big words and scary terms to convince you to make an impulse purchase. Break free of that cycle with Greenside Sprinkler Repair, where our goal is your long-term satisfaction rather than a one-time, dishonest windfall. Call us today to learn more about our cutting edge solutions for backflow prevention.


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