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Causes of Dry Spots on the Lawn

With any sprinkler system, the primary goal is to cover all desired areas without overusing water. At Greenside, our sprinkler installation includes our technicians taking the time to map out your yard and position sprinklers to ensure everything is covered during operation.

What do you do if you notice dry spots in your yard? Certain dry spots could be the random result of a singular event, but others could be recurring issues that require sprinkler system repairs. Let’s look at some of the common causes of dry spots in the yard.

Animal Urine

Dogs are the most common transgressor here, but birds and other animals can also urinate on the grass and cause dry spots. These marks will usually be yellow, sometimes with a bright green ring around the edges – this is diluted nitrogen in the urine acting as fertilizer. In these cases, simply cut out the dead spots and fill them with plugs cut from sod.

Underground Debris

Things like lumber, rocks, metal and other debris can have a major effect on the surface. If you can’t find the reason for a dry spot, poke around beneath it with a screwdriver to see if it’s being created by an object.


Things like fertilizer, gasoline, herbicides and pesticides, if spilled, can cause dry spots. Fertilizer applied unevenly will burn grass, and even insect repellants can burn the lawn if used incorrectly. Be sure to take care with chemicals and always follow directions.


Brown patch and other fungal diseases can thrive in certain moist conditions, but they may show up as brown spots. In these cases, increase circulation and sunlight as much as you can.

Dull Mower

Dull mower blades can tear the grass, causing damage and gradual death. Sharpen the blades in both fall and spring.

Iron or Nitrogen Deficiency

A lack of iron can turn grass yellow, particularly near concrete with high alkaline levels, which absorb the iron found in soil. Blades may turn yellow, but grass veins will retain their green color. Nitrogen deficiency will cause grass to turn a light green, and then yellow.

Poor Soil

Soil can vary in a given yard, and poor soil can occur in patches. This will lead to brown and bare areas, or moss in some cases. If soil is packed too tightly, try aerating and top-dressing to incorporate organic materials.

Interested in learning more about identifying and combating dry spots, or any of our other sprinkler repair services? Speak to the pros at Greenside today.


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