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Common Signs of Sprinkler Leaks

With most forms of sprinklers, leak prevention is one of the primary areas of maintenance. Leaky sprinklers can cause issues ranging from dead grass to severe increases in water and utility bills, and at Greenside, our residential sprinkler services include taking the time to make sure no unknown leaks are springing up in your system.

Like with many potential home sprinkler repairs, you can often be the first line of defense here. There are a few relatively obvious signs that might signal basic sprinkler leaks, and spotting these as soon as possible will allow our experts to provide sprinkler repair before too large a cost or issue is created. Let’s look at some of these basic signs of sprinkler leak.

Soggy Grass

One of the first signs you’ll potentially notice if your sprinklers are leaking is soggy grass. These are spots that often remain muddy even when the weather is dry – if you have children or pets, you might notice them even more quickly. There may not be bubbling water or any visible leak, but these conditions can damage the garden and grass. Worse yet, they’re almost certain to impact your water bill.

Damp or Wet Concrete

Another sign of potential leaks, or of a system that isn’t calibrated correctly, is water on the sidewalk or driveway. This will sometimes be due to a leak and a downhill slope for water, or could be due to a need for adjustment on a sprinkler head located near the concrete. In either case, this is a good, easy-to-spot sign that issues might be taking place.

Brown Spots

Brown spots developing between sprinkler heads, especially in lines or patterns, are another visible sign of potential leaks. These could also be due to disease or misplaced sprinkler heads, but once again, they’re a telltale sign that an efficiency issue is taking place.

Water Bill

If you start to notice your water bill going way up despite no additional usage you’re aware of, it could be from leaks in the sprinkler that you haven’t noticed.

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