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Common Winter Sprinkler Tune-Ups


In wintertime, the way you go about caring for your lawn is different from during the warmer summer months. This also means you don’t have to think about your sprinkler or any system repairs, right?

Wrong. At Greenside, we’re here to tell you that the winter might actually be the perfect time for certain basic repairs and tune-ups to have your system working well for the rest of the year. Let’s go over a few of these, plus how having a well-maintained system will help keep your grass healthier during the cold months.


Because they won’t be in regular use, the winter or fall is a good time to consider many issues you may be looking at in terms of sprinkler repair. Areas like controllers, heads, water pressure regulators, wiring or pipes may all have issues you can look at, and you should be investigating any pressure loss or flooding as well. Our Greenside experts can replace broken or leaking heads, fine-tune boxes that aren’t working properly, and repair or clean clogged nozzles. We can also cap off sprinkler heads if needed.

Head Protection

If your sprinkler heads are leaking or broken in any way, this can be a major detriment to your water bill come the spring. Winter can be a good time to check any head issues and have them corrected.


If you haven’t already done so, winterizing the sprinkler system is very important. At minimum, check all your zones for leaks, and make sure your freeze and rain sensor is working properly. We can check all these areas, plus check handles to prevent rusting. If needed, we can even add graven beneath your DCA to help with drainage.


Being diligent about system repairs throughout the year can go a long way during the winter. While there is indeed snow and other moisture during the winter, many lawns are “left out to dry” by an irrigation system that doesn’t properly attend to their needs. A well-designed and maintained system will keep the landscape irrigated and avoid these winter issues.

For more on winter or fall tune-ups to your system, or to find out about our sprinkler installation services, speak to the pros at Greenside today.


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