When functioning properly, your sprinkler system utilizes water in effective, conservative ways. When it’s not, though, the results could include costly and damaging water leakage – at Greenside Sprinkler Repair, we’re here to make sure this never happens to you.

In many cases, leaky sprinklers are simply the result of poor design. The most common cause of leaks is an issue called “low-head drainage,” which occurs when the lowest sprinkler head within a given zone allows water to seep out of the lateral piping and leave the sprinkler. This can be caused by a change of elevation of a foot or even less, and is most common when sprinklers have been installed improperly on a slope.

With Greenside, you get protection from these issues on both ends. If we’re installing your system and there’s any slope involved, our technicians have decades of combined experience with accurately positioning your system to work properly despite the elevation change. We’ll let you know if we recommend a change in slope for a given location, and our trained eyes allow us to spot potential danger points where others wouldn’t.

If we didn’t install your system, we’re still here to help if leaking issues arise. We’ll determine whether it’s low-head drainage or another issue at the root of your problem, and we’ll act quickly to plug leaks and prevent further wasted water.

We have technicians at the ready, and we know that every second without a fix costs you more and wastes your water. If you’re worried about a sprinkler leak issue, call the experts at Greenside Sprinkler Repair today to find out your options.


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