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Sprinkler Head and Nozzle Installation

Sprinkler Head and Nozzle

As the location where water physically exits the sprinkler, sprinkler heads and nozzles are a very important part of any irrigation system. At Greenside Sprinkler Repair, we know that the real crux points for these items come during the selection process – not only will we install and maintain your heads and nozzles, we’ll also work diligently with you during the planning stages to get you the proper pieces.

There are several different types of sprinkler heads on the market, including: Basic pop-up heads (the most common type), impact rotors, gear-driven rotors and large turf rotors. Your choice for your system will depend on several different factors, and at Greenside, we’re here to walk you through each of them with a trained, professional eye to details you might otherwise miss.

Pop-up heads are most commonly used for residential and small commercial irrigation systems; impact rotors are designed to distribute water in an arc pattern for larger areas; gear-driven rotors are frequently seen in large-scale sprinkler operations and require limited maintenance; large turf rotors are for some of the biggest commercial properties around, such as golf courses or parks. Just because the sprinkler system is for a residential location doesn’t necessarily mean pop-up heads are the only option – we’re here to tell you when this might not be the case.

The wrong nozzle, however, can make all that expertise irrelevant. Factors in nozzle choices include the spray pattern and the fit with various head formats – there are many nozzle types out there designed for specific landscapes. We’ll help you choose the perfect one for your location, plus get it installed quickly and easily and provide long term maintenance.

For more information on sprinkler heads and nozzles, call us at Greenside Sprinkler Repair.


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