Sprinkler Line and Valve Maintenance
March 17, 2017
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Professional Sprinkler System Repairs in Salt Lake City

Sprinklers automatically irrigate gardens and lawns on a designated schedule, alleviating worries of dried up grass and withering plants. They are built to withstand weather changes and extensive usage but may still sustain wear and tear over time because of many factors. When this happens, you’ll be glad you have Greenside Sprinkler Repair on call for all your sprinkler repair needs in Salt Lake City.

If you suspect that your irrigation system isn’t functioning like it used to, or noticed that your turf and plants are drooping more and more every day, let us look into your system.

Repairing Sprinklers Back to Full Functionality

Your sprinklers may have suffered defects from the start, or become damaged from external causes over time. Poorly designed sprinklers, for instance, may result in leaks. Dry spots are another common problem, in which sprinkler valves do not open fully due to winter conditions or faulty connections to the power source.

We perform thorough sprinkler system inspections to address these problems properly. Our technicians determine if low-head drainage or other issues are causing leaks, acting quickly to plug them to prevent wasting water. For dry spots, we check all valve connections to power sources and manually examine each sprinkler head and nozzle for any clogs that might be obstructing water flow.

We provide an assortment of sprinkler system repairs in Utah such as fixing broken lines, preventing backflow, maintaining the stop-and-waste valve, and so on. We make sure your sprinkler system is 100% efficient to keep your landscaped gardens and lawns well-watered and economical.


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Greenside Sprinkler Repair boasts of dedicated repairmen in Salt Lake City. Contact our experts at Greenside to learn more about our sprinkler repair solutions – everything from valves and dry spots to drip irrigation systems.

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