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March 17, 2017
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Spring Turn-on and Winterization/Blowout Services

Spring turn-on and winter blowout are two of the most important times for any sprinkler system, and at Greenside Sprinkler Repair, our comprehensive services include both these elements. Not only will our staff provide you with speedy, on-demand turn-on and winterization services, they’re here to offer advice on the proper timing for both these events – often a vital factor in the long term life of a sprinkler system.

Spring Turn-On:

With Greenside, you get more than just the flip of a switch during spring turn-on. Our technicians will make several important checks on your system to make sure it’s made it through the winter properly, plus make any minor tweaks that are needed.

Areas like valve seals, drain blow-out points and cap or plug locations will all be examined thoroughly by trained professional eyes. We’ll make sure your drain valve is closed before the turn-on, a common oversight for many folks looking to complete turn-on themselves. Best yet, we don’t just bolt when the switch is on – our technicians will stick around to test for things like leakage or backflow issues, and correct them on the spot.

Winterization and Blowout:

“Blowout” is the process of removing any excess water before the winter season, and it’s vital to ensuring sprinkler health. Our professionals will help you flip your shut-off valve, then get to work draining and disconnecting your pump, if you have one. We’ll drain your entire system, with a careful eye for the right speed – too many of our competitors want to get this process done as quickly as possible and move on to the next customer, and they risk blowing the system out too fast and causing friction issues or blown valves.

We’ll make sure to turn all valves on your backflow prevention device to the half-open position for the winter, and we’ll rid your system of any water that could freeze and cause damage over a long season. From the moment we arrive, your worries about your sprinkler system will disappear until the following spring. Speak to the experts at Greenside Sprinkler Repair to learn more about turn-on and winterization services.


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