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March 17, 2017
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Sprinkler Line and Valve Maintenance


There are several parts to your sprinkler or irrigation system, and the valves might be the most important of them all. They’re central pieces in the system, and they affect all the other components. For the highest quality service and knowledge on these all-important pieces of your sprinkler system, look no further than Greenside Sprinkler Repair.

Clean Lines:
One of the biggest obstacles to proper valve function is an obstruction in the line, which can come from any major object lodged inside. Obstructions like these can cause major damage – even little bits of sand or seeds can tear into valve diaphragms.

At Greenside, our valve maintenance includes a thorough inspection and cleaning of all sprinkler lines and valves. We’ll get into your system by hand and comb it for any obstructions, even the smallest blockages. Don’t leave this service to inexperienced technicians who could easily miss a damaging blockage that will remain in your system for a whole year until your next inspection.

Solenoid Issues:
The solenoid is a coil that connects your wiring with the sprinkler itself, and many valve problems stem from improper sealing between the solenoid and wiring. We’ll make sure no moisture is able to find its way into wiring and create shorting issues, keeping you from expensive solenoid repairs.

Valve Housing:
Another vital element of valves is their housing, or their protective layers. We place valve housings in smart areas free of mud or debris, to make it easier to access them if repairs are needed in the future. Our housing mechanisms are strong and impact resistant – they’ll protect your valves no matter what elements come up.

For more information on the importance of valves and how our service here sets us apart from the competition, speak to the experts at Greenside Sprinkler Repair.


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