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June 1, 2017
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July 1, 2017
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Spring Sprinkler Maintenance Areas

We’re well into spring time, and if you haven’t already, it’s definitely time to get your sprinkler system back ready and operational for the summer ahead. At Greenside, this is one of many residential sprinkler services we can provide assistance with.

Are there parts of this process you can handle yourself if you’re properly motivated? Absolutely. Here are a few basic spring sprinkler maintenance items to be aware of.

Clean Filters

In most standard sprinkler systems, the filter will be located between the water main and the valve box. Filters are generally designed to filter about four tons of sludge from your water source, but once they’ve crossed this point, they might become less productive.

The beginning of the season is the perfect time to clean filters, though you should continue checking them roughly once a month during the watering season. Certain individual head types may have their own filters, and these should be cleaned regularly as well.

Check for Leaks

Signs of underground leaks can vary on the surface, ranging from a large wet spot to a several-foot bubble that can show up on grass. Leaks that start deep under the surface may take a few minutes to show themselves, so you’ll have to leave the system on for a bit while you check for these. Another sign of a leak could be sprinklers that don’t spray as far as they used to – water from ruptured PVC lines will scour the soil, washing it into your line, which means less pressure and more dirt.

Conserve and Adjust

Not only is water conservation important for the environment, it’s important for your yard and your pocketbook as well. In most cases, running sprinklers for an hour a day every single day is just too much – this will waste water and cause far too much buildup on your lawn.

All the lawn likely needs is 30 minutes three times a week, perhaps a tad more during extremely hot periods. As you move into each new season, you can adjust for any dry spots or areas that need additional water. Many people also look to evenings as sprinkler times, which can help conserve even further due to less evaporation.

Check Drainage

You want a positive drainage slope near your foundation – one that forces surface water away from structures. Check that this is maintained and in place at the beginning of each season.

For more tips on spring sprinkler tasks, or to learn about our sprinkler installation or repair services, speak to the experts at Greenside today.


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