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Sprinkler Head Issues and DIY Suggestions

There are several different issues that might crop up with a sprinkler system, and some of the most immediate will be nozzle and head problems. There are numerous different types of heads on the market, and our Greenside experts are here to help you with any problems that come up for any of them during our sprinkler installation process.

In many cases, sprinkler head issues can be resolved at home without the need for professional home sprinkler repair. Let’s look at a few common issues, plus some basic repair tips you can do yourself.

Clogged Sprinkler Heads

For underground sprinkler systems, clogged heads are likely the most common issue out there. They’re easy to identify, as the spray will be interrupted, uneven or even nonexistent in some cases. In these latter situations, the sprinkler will often just leak water, which will pool around the head.

In many cases, this just means cleaning out individual holes from the head itself. Use a piece of stiff wire like a paperclip – you can either do this within the sprinkler or by unscrewing the head from the sleeve. Flus the head with running water to finish this up, and clean the sleeve and replace the head. If this doesn’t solve the clog issue, it’s time to contact the experts.

Broken Sprinkler Heads

Heads may be struck by a mower or an edging tool during landscaping, requiring replacement. Luckily, this is easy – unscrew the head, remove it, and screw in a new one. In some models, you’ll have to dig down and clear away dirt first.

Sprinklers Located Too High

The most common reason for broken sprinkler heads is the head sitting too high off the ground, which leaves it susceptible to damage. Lower the heads deeper into the ground by cutting a new layer into the soil. Be sure not to go too low, as this will lead to dirt and grass potentially clogging the heads.

Stuck Valves

If the sprinklers keep running after they’re supposed to shut off, this could be a stuck valve issue. A chunk of debris is likely blocking the valve from closing and shutting off water flow. Check both valves here, unscrewing the solenoid and letting some water run through it. If this doesn’t work, you may have to turn off the water and use a screwdriver to remove the valve top so you can manually scrape out the valve blockage.

If these solutions don’t do the trick, or if you need more information on any of our sprinkler repair services, speak to the pros at Greenside today.


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