Maintaining your sprinkler system through the cold winter season is vital to getting the proper lifespan out of it, and no single piece of the system is more important here than the stop and waste valve. This valve serves two very basic purposes: It’s turned on in the spring to activate the sprinkler system, and then it’s turned off again in fall to shut the system down. During this fall turn-off, the stop and waste valve also drains the water out of piping through the valves in the sprinkler, to ensure that no water freezes in the valves during winter.

Don’t let this process be handled by inexperienced people – look to the professionals at Greenside Sprinkler Repair. Our expert technicians are well-trained to locate the waste valve, which is typically buried a few inches under the ground, and to find the drain port. This is the area that drains water out during the fall to keep lines from freezing, and improper maintenance could damage it easily.

Like with all our services, we’ll do much more than just flip a switch and drive away. We’ll check for any leaks in the stop and waste valve, and we’ll ensure that the stand pipe placed over your valve – which allows you to turn the valve on and off with a meter key – is correctly placed and free of wear. These basic checks ensure the health of your system during winter, but they also make any unscheduled maintenance or repairs on the system that much easier if they’re necessary. They can be completed without affecting the water supply for the whole home.

For all issues relating to the stop and waste valve or winterization of your sprinkler system, only trust the experts. Call us at Greenside Sprinkler Repair today to set up an appointment.


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