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Well-Known and Unknown Benefits of Drip Irrigation

Modern technology allows us to be much more efficient and environmentally conscious in many areas, and residential sprinkler services are a great example. At Greenside, we offer drip irrigation systems that can make your system greener and more efficient in one fell swoop.

A drip irrigation system involves hoses and tubes to deliver water in specified amounts and to specified areas. Here are some of the numerous benefits of drip irrigation, including a few you may not have considered even if you’ve used it before.

Less Water

The most obvious benefit of drip irrigation is less water use, which brings several positives. First is water costs, which can go way down in a hurry. Second is environmental benefit, and there are also several other soil and plant benefits we’ll get into in a moment as well. By targeting only specific areas and reducing wasted water, your entire system becomes more efficient.

Even Watering Patterns

Drip irrigation allows plants to receive water in a much more organized and consistent way. Elements like wind drift from overhead or sprinkler irrigation systems cause most water to miss the desired area, but with drip irrigation, all plants receive a relatively even amount of water. You don’t run the risk of certain plants far outgrowing others in a nearby area.

Weeds, Mold and Soil

It’s also common for people using drip irrigation to experience fewer weeds, because only the desired plants are being watered – not weeds that grow between them. They also often experience less mold, which is caused by extra runoff on siding in many cases. Drip irrigation systems are also much friendlier for soil, as they lead to less erosion and reduce nutrient runoff. They’re perfect for sloped gardens, where irrigation water is absorbed by soil instead of being lost.

Pesticide Use

You’ll need far less pesticide with drip irrigation systems. There are fewer issues to treat, and you need to apply them less often since they don’t get washed off by an overhead sprinkler.

Interested in learning more about drip irrigation, home sprinkler repair or any of our other sprinkler or installation services? The technicians at Greenside are here to help.


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