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August 15, 2017
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Seasonal Sprinkler Run Time Basics

As we enter the fall period of the year, it’s a good time to remind sprinkler owners of some basic seasonal themes to remember. Grass has different irrigation needs depending on the time of year it is, and your sprinkler settings should be adjusted appropriately.

At Greenside, we’re here to help. Our residential sprinkler system services include offering you tips and advice on how to properly operate your system regardless of the season. Let’s look at some of the basics of why different levels are needed in different seasons, plus some recommendations for how to adjust your settings.

Plants, Not Hibernating Animals

It’s important to understand that plants and grass are not like bears or other creatures that hibernate during the winter while waiting for new life to begin in spring and sustaining themselves through reserves built up in advance. Plants don’t hibernate in this way – they don’t need additional water or nutrients to be collected in advance before the winter season, so this isn’t a factor you have to consider.


During the spring, plants and grass need lots of water to help them grow after the long winter. In summer, the water demands rise even higher to sustain this growth, plus combat evaporation and heavy heat on plants. During the late summer and into fall, plants and grass need less water – heat is lower, and plants are preparing to go into their dormant phase.


Here are some very basic recommendations for how long to run your sprinklers if you use a rotor system:

  • May: 15 minutes
  • June: 17 minutes
  • July: 20 minutes
  • August: 15 minutes
  • September: 10 minutes

If you use a spray system, you’ll need a bit of a longer cycle. Here are some recommendations:

  • May: 30 minutes
  • June: 35 minutes
  • July: 40 minutes
  • August: 30 minutes
  • September: 25 minutes

To learn more about proper sprinkler run times, or to find out about our residential sprinkler system repairs and services, speak to the pros at Greenside today.


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